GLORYDAY Movie Meet & Greet 20160315 and Fact

by - Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hai Hai~ 
This time I'm very excited to review a new Movie that will be release on 2016 March 24th!
But I watch it already before it release~

In this time I didn't have a plan to watch the movie even I know that the actors will come!
Actually saw the poster about meet and greet but when I want to reservation it already sold old in one hour! 

You can see this is the schedule!

I just accidentally visit Coex Mall because I have a dance class in SMTown studio in Coex. I just want to take a walk around Coex Mall and then visited the Mega Box

I just pass time amusing one self to ask the ticket seller about the Gloryday ticket as actually I want to watch Suho ㅋㅋㅋ 
And I'm lucky this day there's also Suho as the guest actor 

I got ticket for 15 March 19.30
The actor come before the movie start

I wait for about 1 half hour, and this is the situation when we wait to enter the cinema

#1st Fact is almost people wait it from 1-2 hour before the enter the cinema

It's scene from my seat, my seat in the last row T_T so far from the screen

I'm so excited when they come although I saw them from far

#2nd Fact is almost people using flash light so you cannot see the actors clearly

#3rd Fact is before you disappointed, the actors just talk not in 10 minutes because they should go to another cinema

Let see the how it looks like!!

And not for long the movie begain~!

#4th Fact is there's no subtitle, as always

The character: Jisoo as Yong Bi, Suho as Sang Woo, Joon Yeol as Ji Gong, Hee Chan as Doo Man

The four friends in their 20th year old take a trip to Pohang for one night and two days. At night they drink on the beach and watch the night view of the sea. At that time they see a woman beaten by a man. Then Yong Bi want to save the woman by fight with the man. Actually Sang Woo, Ji Gong and DooMan doesn't want to fight but to help YB finally the also fight. The woman runaway and call the police. In the end YB catched by the police. But before they got catch YB and SW run away to save their self from the police. But SW got a car accident, SW goes to the Hospital and YB goes to the police station. YB called JG and DM because they were with YB during the fight accident. They just want to tell the truth to the police but the police doesn't believe them. The police called the Woman and seems the woman not tell the truth about the fight accident. In short 3 of them go to the Jugement and they win because they pay. But not with the Sang Woo, he is from a poor life just live with his grandmother. He enlist to go to the military but life said different, He die because the doctor cannot save him.

In the end I cry a lot when see Sang Woo died :'( sad story

But so far I enjoyed the movie~

See ya next post~ xoxo Bani

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