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by - Sunday, April 24, 2016


Annyone curious with the SMTown Studio in the 3rd floor of Coex Atrium??
They said this place is for photoshoot, making MV, dance practice, Make Up and Vocal practice.....

This is the 3rd Floor~

There is about 7 room inside the studio, If you are see the studio from outside maybe you'll think the studio is small

If you are inside you will see this 1st room is Make Up room

This make up room have been used by SNSD, Red Velvet, Exo, and others

It's me with my blogger friend => IMEY
(you can visit her blog too)

The interior is so pretty~

Going to the next room you will pass this way

Here is first of my favorite Room in SM Studio!!
Dress Room!

You will see TaeTiSeo's Costume for real!!

Red Velvet's Costume for their 1st Album The Red

Guess who has this costume??

It's Shinee's Costume 
There is a name on each costume

Who don't know this costume??
Yes it's Exo's costume!

It's for Suho Exo~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

The #Fact is Exo costume is all for S size 헐~

It's GG's costume for Catch me if you can

This Super Junior's and Boa's costume

And some accessories also has the artist named

There's still a lot of accessories 
and you cannot Touch it!!

Here is the video~

You can get photoshoot with the concept of your Idol and use their stuff

Next~ 3rd room

Some artist using this place like Kyu Hyun Super Junior for practicing his vocal

You can also get the vocal practice

4th room is
Recording room

In this time I cannot take a picture or the recording room because it's private
but the inside is just same like the other recording room >.<

This is the Lounge room

Do you know who is the prince of this Red Chair??


Here is Prince Sehun!

It's me just ignore my face~

5th room is Dance Training Room


I got experience for practice dance here


you can see a lot photo of the artists

This video of Red velvet that they use the dance training room
so the room is exactly same like this~

And I come with my blogger friend => IMEY

And I got a new French friend~

You can get the Dance Training program price

6th room is Photo studio

This is the place also for the shoot of "Exo Next door" web drama

 And this red background is for "Red velvet - Dumb Dumb"


This is the photo studio program

The last 7th room is MV maker room

This room actually just for people who want take a shoot like the MV that they want, so this is not the real one that the Idol used for MV shoot~ So this is the replica but it made by the same artist


It's Exo MV Growl

And this is Girls Generation background for Gee, a lot of stuff that you can see



I have a lot fun visited SM Town studio~
See you on the next post!

xoxo Bani

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