White 300Day With N.Flying 20160314

by - Friday, March 18, 2016

Do you know N.Flying? 
Or one of N.Flying fans? 
Or don't know them yet?

I'll make you know and share about White Day with N.Flying!!

Surprisingly on 14th March 2016 N.Flying have 
"Happy White 300Day Special Mini LIVE" event

so I saw this poster on N.Flying facebook

Fortunately in this day I have a dance class on SMTown Studio in Coex Mall so why I'm not join this event to watch N.Flying?!

The event Organize on Coex Live Plaza and begin on 7PM so I'm waiting about 1 hour and I saw some people also come 1 hour before the show!

Here is Coex Live Plaza!!

So it looks like this N.Flying is in front of us and we can watch them very close!
It's just make me feel more excited!

Do you know that it's LIVE?? I mean on the Vapp, In that time I didn't know that it will live on Vapp~

You can check it on their youtube => 렛츠롤! 엔플라잉

Let me introduce them first!!
(from left) Kwon Kwang Jin, Kim Jae Hyun, Lee seung Hyeob also called J.DON, Cha Hun

You can visit their website to see their profile => Fnc NFlying 

Actually my fave one is Kwang Jin the Bass! But after seeing them in real I more like Seung Hyub the Leader ㅋㅋㅋ  

(In the middle) JaeHyun is the maknae he likes to make an aegyo and I think he is the Mood Buster on their group! He's so funny!

See what the maknae do on their hyung! Lols

 (sourse: 가기 instagram)

They are make a fun!

(source: NFlying facebook)

I don't remember what they sings but they sings 2 of my favorite songs!

1st is 기가 막혀 / Awesome

2nd is 론리 / Lonely

Here is Lonely
source: bani-eun.blogspot.com

Guess What???
I thought I just can see their perform but.....
I can meet and talk with them!!

I'm so nervous at that time because it's my first time?..

(source: NFlying facebook)

 source: bani-eun.blogspot.com

They give me the lollipop candy~
Acually Seung Hyub is the one who give me the candy! How lucky am I?? ㅋㅋ
They all tall~ And Kwang Jin has the strong eye contact when he sees their fans! *I'm gonna faint and cannot take my eyes away from him* Lol
Cha Hun is so polite! *really*
and the maknae is Cute~

I got this BTS photo from their Instagram

You can Follow them here

The left is made by Cha Hun & Jae Hyun
The right is made by Kwang Jin & Seung Hyeob

Fancafe Daum: https://cafe.daum.net/N.Flying
Facebook Page: Officialnflying
Twitter: @NFlyingofficial
Instagram: letsroll_nf

I would like to meet them again next time~

Keep in touch on Bani adventure~ㅋㅋㅋ

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