Seoul, Line Friends Store and Cafe at Itaewon

by - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hi~ I went to the newest Line store in Itaewon, it also big and have 3 floor!
Have you been here?? 

I came with my blogger friend IMEY
Let's check how the Line store looks~

Every line store always come with it mascot the big Brown!!
It's so cute right???
To take a picture with this Line artist you should take a queue~

First take a look of the Itaewon Line store gate!
Every Line store has defferen gate~

In the 1st floor there's store that sell many things of Line Friend goodies~

The goodies cost about 2000won-100.000won maybe? 
I don't remember the prices

And don't forget that Line Friends store also give a facility for Photo Zone!!!

Go step to the next floor~

Let's take a look on the 2nd floor~

Let's visit Cony & Sally's House!!

As always Brown is everywhere~~

And don't forget to take a photo with this Artist! Brown!

You can buy Line clothes here ~

The big Sally is also cute~

Hey! There's Sally Hut that selling baby clothes~

These dolls were driving me crazy! I want them so much >.<

It's me with my blogger friend IMEY
(visit her blog too)

You can see Moon house in the 3rd floor~

Here is my favorite place! As always Cafe the place for hang out~

Many people hangout in Line cafe it make the cafe so crowded 

Here's that you can eat~ 
The price is around 3000won-15.000won

My Food! I love the green tea latte!

Here where you can go to the Line Friend store!

Open: Monday-Wednesday/Sunday 11.30 ~ 22.00
           Thursday-Saturday  11.30 ~ 23.00
Address: Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-ro 200

Go to Exit 3, you will see big Line Friend store

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