Hong Jong Hyun Fanmeeting + Photos & Video

by - Sunday, December 03, 2017

So I came to Kwave Expo 2017 event that being held for 2 days!
It is a Korean Wave Marketing to combine Korean Wave Hallyu Star and small and medium businesses to promote the export of goods.

I joined the first day because there's Hong Jong Hyun fanmeeting! yay!

But actually there is four Honorary Ambassador of the event Hwang Chiyeul, Hong Jong Hyun, Han Chae Yong, and Lee YooWon that have fan meeting for all the domestic and International fans. 

Here is Han Chaeyong fanmeeting and fansign!! 
I'm late but I still got her sign!

If you like to watch drama, she is famous with her drama called Sassy Girl Chunhyang!
and she also joined some Show like The Unnies!

 I got her sign too!


And Next meet with Hong Jong Hyun!!
Does anyone know him??

His last drama is The King in Love with Yoona and Siwan
The doll that he bring is one of his favorite item
Is it  carrot doll? (I don't know the name)

He even doing some Aegyo for his fans

Check out the video that I take! 
He is such a shy boy and so kind~~ He doing so much thing for his fan wish! 

And one of fan want him to upload the polaroids that he take!
Here I Am!! ㅋㅋㅋ

So What do you think about him???
This is my firs time I meet him and he is just exactly same like he being filmed in We Got Merried with Yura! Such a shy boy in personally but so kind and sincerely~

Thank you~

xoxo - Banieun

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  1. Gimana rasanya ketemu langsung sama Hong Jonghyun? Seganteng yang aku lihat di drama kan yak hehehe :^D #kbbvmember


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