Play in Comic Heaven - NOLSOOP (놀숲) Cartoon & Book Cafe [ft Highlight]

by - Saturday, November 25, 2017

This post I want to share about Comic Cafe that's full with Comics!!! YAY!!
Who like to read Comics anyone???
Me!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Since my dream is a Comicus or comic writer when I was childhood!
I like to read comic of course! 히히힝

And todays Nolsoop cafe is collaboration with Highlight!! 
So excited since I'm one of Highlight fans!

 This cafe is near Konkuk University and Children Grand Park station. It's quiet easy to visit~

Come'in side the cafe!

If you see the price list here, there is 1hour for 4.500won and 2hour for 6.500won
Then you can get a free coffee of course! (only for 3000won menu)

The place is quiet big!!

 Here is the menu!
(And if you are Highlight fans, you can buy 2 side menu and get Highlight poster)

And get ready for read all the comics!!!
They wrote in Hangeul!ㅋㅋㅋ 

I was here in 3 people room! 


The first thing before you order your drink
you should change your shoes and put it on the locker shoes!

And they also have basement floor!!

Get ready to get down!!!

Jja Jja~~ The basement is also quite big and full of comics!

How can you read it all????

Take your time~
Easy your mind~

That's why I called it Comic Heaven?! Isn't it?? 

Here where you can go if you Near Konkuk University station or Children Grand Park
this map is from Children Grand Park station 
Exit 4 and just go straight!
you can see the cafe easily!

xoxo - Banies~

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