Knowing Indonesia Fashion Forward and The Designers

by - Sunday, September 16, 2018

Have you heard about IFF? 
Here to knowing IFF or Indonesia Fashion Foward and my favorite designers.

Since 6 years ago Jakarta Fashion Week, British Council, and the Center of Fashion Enterprise built a program to compete and penetrate the global market in Fashion Industry called " Indonesia Fashion Forward". The program has created opportunities for British and Indonesian Fashion Designer to collaboration including workshop, exhibition and showcasing. Designers who join Indonesia Fashion Forward must meet the requirements and have their own characteristic.

Some of my favorite designers have been chosen on Indonesia Fashion Forward. In the first generation are Barli Asmara and Albert Yanuar. In the second generation is Tex Saverio. Third generation is Sapto Djojokartiko, Peggy Hartanto and Patrick Owen. In the fourth generation there is I.K.Y.K by Anandia Putri. In the fifth generation is Rani Hatta. and the last sixth generation there is Danjyo Hiyoji. Each designer has their own characteristic such a Modest Wear, Luxury Ready-To-Wear, Preamium Ready-To-Wear, and Quirky Ready-To-Wear. 

Rani Hatta is a modest wear clothing label that focuses on casual modern and minimalist design lines.
The collection is mostly loose-fitting minimalist with comfort and concern on comfort and quality of the clothes that can be compete in the international market. Rani Hatta's Muslim influenced collection is very universal, it could also be worn by non-Muslim(s).

This is my favorite collection of RANI HATTA S/S 2018


Joining and become one of Indonesia Fashion Forward designer is also my dream and ambition in the future. On this occasion become one of the blogger in Jakarta Fashion Week will be my honor to watch my favorite Indonesian designers works on the show to inspired my design and give me more motivation for my dream as a fashion designer. And because I'm also a blogger and content writer I would really like to share about how is fashion in Indonesia and introducing it to the world.

I've been supporting some of  my favorite Korean Fashion Designer by watching their show in Busan Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week several times when I'm a student in South Korea. I hope that I can also support my favorite Indonesian Fashion Designer in Jakarta Fashion Week this year and have a chance to write about their works.

"Fashion wasn’t what you wore someplace anymore; it was the whole reason for going." 
- Andy Warhol

More information:

check out who is coming on Hera Seoul Fashion Week?!

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