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Hi Guys!

A view days ago I received a packet from Yerma Cosmetic Korea. I'm so happy because they sent me a Limited edition pact and 2 mate lipstick. 

So Yerma is a Medical Cosmetic brand in Korea. 
Their product are Masker, Pact, Lipstick, White brush and even all in one skin care for men. 
You can visit and purchase it here 


I'm so thankfully Yerma Cosmetic sent me the pact because I used pact more than the cushion. And pact is make me more comfortable than the cushion one. 

Here is the pink box package of the Yerma shining essence pact.

The pact cover is gold and so gorgeous. The pact is big as a woman palm. 
And the puff color is black.

The color is #21 Light Beigh
SPF 30/PA++ 

And this is my testing on my hand. 
The color is quite white than my skin color. I'm usually using more natural color or Natural Beige.
 But It's good for dry skin or combination skin like mine.

+The Packing is so gorgeous and I love the pink one
+It's good for dry and combination skin
- Just size of  the pact is too big for me

TIPS: *If you have a really bad dry skin you should at least check your face on about 2 hour and blend smooth over of your rest cream or easily just using face mist.  

And here is the Mate Lipstick that make me excited!
Now days I like to collecting Lipstick or Lip tint more~

The Lipstick box is too gergous! I like the gold color for the Lipstick box. ㅋㅋㅋ

Yerma Cosmetic have about 12 color for Lipstick but they have 6 color for this gold series
and they sent me #G06 Chili Rose and #G03 Coral Orange

I realy love the both color and I'm using similar Coral Orange for everyday, because it looks more natural for daily look. 

And the special one is the SMELL so so GOOD!! I really really love the smell it's like candy smell and even I want to lick it *if i can lol*
(So after I using it i just smell it about 1 minute? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) 


And this is good for dry lips, not make your lips sensitive!
I have a sensitive lips so usually if I using a new lipstick my lips will get itchy a little bit.
Even it's make your lips look more smooth and not make your lips dry for a view hour later! 
So amazing! ㅋㅋ

      #G03                                                    #G06       

+Good Smell Candy Smell
+Mate, not dry and Longlast (for #G06 - I ate ramyun and the color is still there)
+The size is still okay for me and the packing gold and black is so gorgeous

So far I am satisfied with the product especially the Lipstick one! 

And for other product I would like to try the snail Mask Pack! 
I think that's the Hit Product and people also recommended the pack!

Thank you for having your time to read my review~ 

-xoxo Banieun-

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