Seoul, Cafe K375

by - Friday, July 14, 2017

Hello readers!
I found a cafe that you can visit when you come to korea. 
Today I just feel lazy to go out because the wather is so Hot in Seoul, it's about 32celcius.
But I don't like to be at home.

Here is the cafe K375

Is because the front of the cafe is just like a regular hous in korea, that's why I'm curous! 

I like this kind of house style. If you see there Is basement too

1st Floor

You can order in the 1st floor

They have some kind of cake, the price is about 4000won~

Here is the menu, they have a special drink too!

The coffee price from 3000won

They have a simple and cozy decoration! You can also study or have a date here~ ㅋㅋㅋ

The cafe is near Konkuk University. You can take exit 3 or exit 2.

So thank you for reading! I will chare the other cozy place~

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