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Annyeong Bunny! This's my 1st post on December~
Happy December and i'm waiting for Christmas of course! 

Thank you for Deedee~ she's a Unique Blogger!
 Yeeee i'm nominated for THE LIEBSTER AWARD! 

What is it?
LIEBSTER AWARD is given to the blog that have less than 200 followers.
I also feel honored and this is nice award for a new blogger like me^___^
It's a great way to connected with another bloggers and help to make a new readers come to our blog!

The rules are simple
If you nominated by me, i would be happy if you give me a follow via GFC.
Then, you make a post similar to mine answering my question and nominating 11 other blogs^___^

And this is the Question from Deedee~

1. What kind of make up style do you like?
I mostly use Korean make up. It's naturally and i usually apply Ulzzang Style make up~

2.Do you shave or wax your legs and arm?
Well since i have a lot hairs (LOL) i just shave my legs & armpit. Sometimes wax my legs.. and it works with a routine waxing~ hohoho

3.If you can go anywhere, where will it be?
I'm dreaming about wonder lane and make my adventure (lol)
but since that's impossible~ 1st i want to go Korea of course then France or Hawaii it can be haha

4. Have you even gone through intense breakouts? How did you cope with them?
Hmm... i have them but i still don't know how to cope it and still gonna find the 'potion' for my breakouts (lol)

5.Do you prefer wearing make up everyday when you go outside or just as you are without make up?
I prefer wearing make up but just a simple or natural make up. 

6. What is your favourite make up product?
My fave is.... EH Moistfull BB Cream & Tony Moly Party dome lover

7. What is your favorite circle lens? 
My fave is from Geo Softlens.. Cafe mimi series 
it quite cozy~

8. What do you want to be in the future? 
I want to be a boss *of course (LOL)
ah just.. want to be a Fashion Designer & Fashion Stylist!

9. If you can be anyone who will you be?
A Princess from a Kingdom maybe? Lol
well since it's all drama or anime characters.... 
i don't know, but prefer be my self ^___^

10. Which one will you choose if you are stuck between 'someone' you like and 'something' you really passionate about?
I'ts  hard to answer maybe i choose something that i passionate?! ohoh

So i would like to choose my nominated~~ 
and my here's Question
1.Who is your favorite make up artist? (if you have one)
2. What is your Top 3 make up products?
3. What is your favorite skincare products?
4. Would you like to describe your make up look and fashion style?
5. Who is your favorite blogger that inspired you..? (can be fashion blogger or beauty blogger)
6. If you have a chance to do a make up for an actor/singer, who is him?
7. What camera that you usually use?
8. Is make up important to you? Why?
9. What is your dream? What is your effort to reach it?
10. What brand of your make up tools that you usually wear?

Don't forget to follow the rules~
I would be excited with your answer... link me your answers in a comment, i would love to read them!
Thank you^0^ 

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  1. Aw, Thank you Ce! Udah aku linkback dari features page ku :) Check ya :D

  2. hai say thank you ya =*

  3. Thanks for nominating me!! Here's my responses xx I already followed you, follow back? :)


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