Review~ Missha The Style Easy Drawing Eyebrow Cake #3 Chocolate Brown

by - Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally i have time to review this Easy Drawing Eyebrow Cake from my August haul 
This is quite interesting product, because we can get 3 kinds of eyebrow pattern sheets, Tip, Mirror

The box looks gorgeous (•̪ o •̪)

3 kinds of eyebrow pattern sheets

I choose to try the new one number #3 Chocolate Brow
It's for all skin type (ノ˚̯́ ∇˚̯̀)ノ

Chocolate Creamy type -it's like water drops-(left) Chocolate Powder type(right)

The color is soft color but it can make your eyebrow looks thick

Waterproof???? Yes it's!!! (=゚Д゚=)

Like: Tip, Mirror, 3 eyebrow pattern sheet, waterproof
Price: i bought about (before the $ rises) from Coccinelle Cosmetic

and  this is my eyebrow 
(not using the eyebrow pattern)

My FOTD (*゚∀゚*)

I also wearing .....
~EH Face Color Corset #5 Tight shading corset
~Nature Republic Botanical Stick Concealer
~EH Line Nuance Duo #2 for my aegyosal => click for tutorial

'Bonus to know your eyebrow better'

That's it, thank you for reading~
see ya next post!

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  1. pengen beli deh jadinya.., tapi mungkin beli yang lebih dark kali ya ^^
    thx for the review ya dear <3 love it!!

    new review up on my blog =) kindly visit if you want to
    btw I've followed your blog hope you will follow back ^^

  2. lucu banget ih dia ada creamy and setting powdernya udah cucok pas sepaket yaaaaa.. jadi pengennn

  3. Ada warna yg lbh terang gak? Jd pingin beliii ><
    Anw eon unyu banget kyk song ah ri x)

  4. Reply to Melissa:

    yang no #2 powdernya lebih dark, thank you~ i'll follow you back :D

  5. Reply to Sanny Lie:

    iya creamynya lucu kaya air drops~ hehe paketannya mantab :P

  6. Reply to Jessica ie

    ada yang no #1 terang kok~~
    hehe makasih tp jauh kok dari song ah ri >.<

  7. wahhh jarang2 ada yg wrna coklat begini, biasa campuran coklat sm abu.. :D
    i follow you already ^^
    salam kenal, eun ji ;)

  8. Reply to Rini Cesillia

    iya ce warna coklatnya cocok banget >.<
    thankyou ce~ i'll follow you back :P

  9. Hi I just found your blog.
    You are so beautiful and cute dear. I'm already follow you on Blogger and Google+.


  10. Reply to Elin Ivana

    Thank you>.< i'll follow you back :)

  11. enakan pensil apa yang padat gituu yahh ??
    tapi padat bagus juga.. takut cepet habis T.T
    nice post !

    i'm your followers now :3
    yuk ikutan give away yang saia adain <3
    - -

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Reply to Jennyfer Michiyo

    sama aja sih tp kalo padat biasanya buat yg ngga punya alis, cuma ak pengen coba padat n kebetulan missha ada cetakan alis juga jd tergiur deh. kalau mau make up cepet enak pake pensil sebenernya. Thank you commentnya :)


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