Tutorial~ Easy make: Aegyo sal- How to make aegyosal?

by - Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello bunny~ 
Do you know aegyo sal?? It's familiar among ulzzang make up

Show you some aegyo sal~ some of them naturally have it and some make it or affix their aegyo sal

    "she has naturally big aegyo sal but affix it too"

          "She has naturally thinly aegyo sal & affix it too"

Event boy's have aegyo sal too~

          "The boy has naturally big aegyo sal"         
"The girl has naturally aegyo sal and affix it too"

                        "He has naturally big aegyosal, sometimes affix it"  

Last picture, they all have aegyo sal!

source fb: 한진호

Aegyo sal is NOT eye bag!

How you will look without Aegyo sal??

source:     www.kpop911.com

For me aegyo sal it's a must~ It make our eyes big and cute!

"How to make aegyo sal??"
Just 3 step, so easy!!

(i don't really got aegyo sal for naturally, mine is thinly)

and how i look with aegyo sal~~



(don't mind my chubby cheek~LOL~)

I wish it can help you to make your Ulzzang style 
see you next post~ lulululu

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  1. Very nice eonni!^^
    Tar coba ah :D


  2. reply to jessica:

    thank you krystal twins :P yup~

  3. Nice post & tutorial,,you're so pretty with or without aegyo sal eye :-D
    to be honest i just know about aegyo sal trends,,I have puffy eye like aegyo sal but i always cover it with concealer because i didnt like it,,hahaha (>_<)

    I'm your new followers <3

  4. reply to ehara:

    thank you^^//
    you are lucky having puffy eyes~ it will be more easy for you to make aegyo sal~ keke

  5. cuteeeeee sumpah 😭 btw thx kak


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